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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 28 :: puppy joy

28 Jan
{is there anything better}

I met this little angel today… 10 weeks old! She was recently adopted by my friend and this pup couldn’t be cuter if you tied a bow on her head.

Ah… the joy of puppies.

I’m not sure why puppies are so adorable. But I do know this, they fill me with happiness and there couldn’t be anything better on a rainy day.

Puppy joy… now that’s something that someone should bottle. It’s like the secret sauce to a happy life.  Maybe that is mostly because it lasts for a few months, only a few moments in the whole scheme of life.

Maybe that’s another secret to this whole joy promise?
Enjoying the process. No matter what stage you’re in.

More tomorrow…


{puppy joy}

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