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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 37 :: the joy of living

8 Feb
{and loving}

My promise is giving me a bit of a joyride so far this year. Joy….has me thinking about joyousness, if that’s a word! And what it means to create joyfulness every day.

Today, I found myself puppy sitting a total Angel. She is eleven weeks of puppyness, high energy and cat naps included. We played fetch. And pooped. We ate treats. And pooped. We sat. And pooped. And then napped. And then pooped some more.

It’s a marvel really, to be a puppy. So little and so big at the same time. Above all, it was marvelous to witness the pure energy of being new to this life. The light coming in the window! The smell of new shoes! The absolute and total delight of pooping!

It made me reflect on joy — and the act of both loving and being totally alive. It is truly loving and living at the same time. 

Another lesson in joy.
(and pooping.)

More tomorrow…



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