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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 63 the joy of food

5 Mar
{oh, Broccoli}

Today I was told to eat more broccoli. Which is okay. Because I love broccoli.

I’ve always thought that food was a form a love. Even when I worked in marketing at Baskin-Robbins I felt the intrinsic, visceral pull of food. Of course, that was ice cream which may not be considered a food category… but who doesn’t love ice cream?

Today, I was also overJOYed to find a doctor who analyzed my entire being… from blood labs to dinner plate. Not only did he listen to all my thyroid concerns and follow up on every question I asked. He suggested potential solutions, more tests we can run ….and then he told me to eat more broccoli. 

It has me thinking about the form food takes in our lives. Data in, data out, as they say.

Food is medicine. And food is love. For our family. Our community. Our Earth. And self.
And it tastes good too (even broccoli!)
What joy.

More tomorrow…


{eat your broccoli) 

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