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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 89 :: long lost friends

2 Apr

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends lately — and how lucky I am to be connected to so many amazing people in this world. What a true gift, in so many ways that words cannot describe. Joy is one word, that can only sum it up.

I’ve also been thinking about the times that I have felt so very far away from my “people” — and in those times when I cannot reach a friend, it’s always been the flowers that give me support.

The flowers pop up, bloom, and remind me that there is still beauty in this world.  Sometimes I think the flowers are long lost friends because of the joy they bring to me.

And, those flowers have taught me so many valuable lessons.

  • To bloom no matter who is watching.
  • To remember there will always be another spring
  • To celebrate all the various colors and combinations this world has to offer
  • And to recognize beauty in every stage of life

Those flowers are just so full of wisdom, love, and joy, aren’t they?
Thank you, my friends.

More tomorrow…



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