JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 134 :: you are loved

12 May
{mothers day}

Happy Mother’s Day.

As I sit here tonight reflecting on my dear Mama Sling, I know that no matter where she is, heaven, earth, universe or beyond, she is sending me her love. And I am sending it right back to her.

And that brings me so much joy.

We went on a whale watch today – something my mother loved – and even though it was not for her, I certainly felt her presence. I usually do, especially during key moments in time like the night before Mother’s Day.

I know not everyone has a sweet relationship with their mother in this lifetime. And I know what I had with my Mama Sling was very special. But I also know this – a mothers love lasts beyond space and time.

If Mama Sling were around today, we probably would have had more fights, and more eye rolls, and more conflict that comes in the human form of being a mother and daughter. We certainly would have racked up more hours on the phone, with more tears and more laughter too.

There would have been so much more. More joy I am sure.

Even still, I feel a deep sense of joy inside my soul that we will always have a connection. The older I get, the more it changes, morphs, and maneuver around. But it is always there.

Today we saw a humpback whale on our boat ride. It moved through the water with ease and grace, and each time right before it dove deep into the ocean and flipped its tail high into the air in slow motion, I felt my mother’s whisper over the waves of water below.

“You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.”

Happy Mother’s Day.
You are loved.  And always remembered.

More tomorrow…


{love and joy}

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