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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 149 :: joyful being

28 May
{just be it}

Today was a good day. It was in all estimations a good day. There is nothing better than a life full of good days strung together. That is truly, joyful being.

Being in the joy.

It is the moments in our lives when we take a pause to honor that which is important, beautiful, industrious, inventive, inspiring, heroic, and peaceful that we find ourselves in that pause. The place where we can breathe freely. The place where we can close our eyes as we look up to the sun and feel the warmth of life. The place where we share laughter and joy with the ones we love.

The joyful pause.

This is being. And I am learning in this year of Joy that it is always found on the being side of human beings. Not the doing.  

Humans do great things. Human beings, when we are our most human, do the greatest of all things. We are present.

Today, of all days, is a good day to be present.
And, that, is the biggest gift of all.

More tomorrow…



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