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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 163 :: the joy of life

11 Jun
{lRings of life}

My hands tell so many stories. I have the garnet heart ring of Mama Sling that I wear every day. It tells the story of a mother who was more of an angel than a human being, more a guide than a guardian, more loved and mysterious than ever with each passing year.

I have a diamond wedding ring that Justin gave me in a surprise, down on one knew adventure that led to a surprise up in the mountains wedding. He found the ring on the east coast and held onto it for four years before he proposed on the west coast. We got married in the Rocky Mountains and the memories still make my heart bounce and me feel more than a mile high.

And, now, I have a beautiful opal ring. It’s from Australia. The only place on earth that celebrates my birthday with fireworks in the middle of winter. I was born on Australia Day, January 26th. It is winter in the northern hemisphere, but it is summer on my birthday down under. So it seems, it is only filling that I have a ring that dances with the fire of opals on my hand.

I wear it with such joy. It was Nancy’s. And, while we said goodbye to her this weekend with an official ceremony, the memories still reverberate in my heart and now on my hand.

We leave very little behind in this life. The memories are the most treasured. But, sometimes, a small token of joy can last another lifetime. If we choose to receive it.

More tomorrow…



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