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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 191 :: rounds of joy

10 Jul

I was sent this Ted Talk today, which is appropriate in my year of JOY:  Where joy hides and how to find it. The talk is by Ingrid Fetell Lee and explores my favorite topic of this year… you guessed it, joy.

You should watch this insightful study on joy. It covers everything from color (the more colorful an office space, the more alert, friendlier they make the people in them compared to a drab space). She also posits that color is a sign of life and energy. And round objects are an important signifier of joy. As Ingrid says, curves set us at ease. Which brings me to this: new underwear.

I have new underwear for my curves. And nothing could be more joyful than pretty, new underwear.

It turns out that joy is in the little things. And the big, round, colorful ones too.

More tomorrow…



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