JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 236 :: joy of stillness

25 Aug

It was a zen day around here. I woke up early on a Saturday to go to Pilates at a place called Zen Den. But just as I opened my car door I saw this little creature staring back at me.

He was sitting on the car door, as if to say, “I’m ready, let’s go!”

I haven’t seen one of these creatures since we lived on the Vineyard and Justin discovered one hiding in a bedroom. So I looked up what it means.

“The praying mantis always comes to us when we are internally craving peace, quiet, and calm in our lives. They remind us to have patience in acquiring the things we want and to remain balanced throughout the duration of the wait.”

What a perfect little creature to see on my way to a place called ZEN Den.

The Zen Den was a zentopia as promised and pilates left me sore. But as the day went on, it seems my little mantis friend had a bigger message for me.

Because today was also “mattress shopping” day. Since we need a new bed I wanted to go sit on some floor samples to really feel them out before the big purchase. Upon entering the mattress store I was bombarded by salespeople who had me sit and lay and try out all sort of mattresses until eventually, I found my self in zero gravity mode with feet up in the air, hips low and head up, with massage mode buzzing through the mattress. I was having surgical flashbacks as the sales guy was working the remote control device showing off all the latest features.

I left the store while fighting off the sales guy who was asking me for a down payment to reserve my $9,000 mattress. I turned to Facebook instead and a friend sent me the top rated mattresses from Consumer Reports. It turns out that $9,000 bed isn’t on the list (nor in my budget)!

“If a praying mantis strikes too soon, its prey gets away. Because of this, it has evolved to be patient: so patient, in fact, that it will not budge unless it is 100% positive that it is the correct thing to do. This acts as a direct message to us, reminding us to contemplate our movements just as carefully and precisely.”

I’m now looking online, comparing more options and on the hunt for the best mattress for us. I’m taking a very zen approach, with less salespeople and more data.

Joy definitely comes from stillness …and a good nights sleep.

More tomorrow…



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