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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 282 :: joy is old photos

18 Oct

{and pie} 

We sorted through Justin’s baby photos tonight. The adorable firstborn pics to the young soccer days. We even found his report card from high school. But the best find of the night was a letter my Mama Sling sent to Justin for his 21st birthday.

He must have been in college at the time, and we were no longer a couple. But Mama Sling sent him a coupon for a homemade pie that she would make him at his request. It was a folded note in her handwriting that brought me so much joy tonight. I didn’t know she sent it to him at the time because we were broken up and no one was allowed to mention his name to me. 

But now, looking back, I have to think my mother would have been pleased to know I would eventually find her note twenty years later. It’s just a simple note with a promise in it for homemade pie. But it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart to know my now husband won over the heart of my mama way back then.  

More tomorrow… Lovemore,


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