JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 327 :: joy is popcorn

26 Nov

{pop pop pop} 

It’s Monday. So today my joy is simple. A handful of popcorn. It takes me back to the movie theater and the magical mystery of watching stories unfold. 

As I sit here tonight, eating my popcorn, thinking about what story Joy has unfolded for me this year, I am still a little baffled. So much has changed this year, losing our Pup and moving from west to east, and starting a new job. And, yet, so much joy has unfolded too. 

There have been some surprises too.

For one, I took a DNA test and found out I am 100% European. Which is only a surprise because I have been told my entire life that I am part Native American. Like a lot. The story goes that my grandmother was half Native American which should give me enough DNA to show up on a test. Instead, I find out that I am 64% British & Irish,11% French and German and 2% Eastern European, and .6% Scandinavian. Which leaves me 100% baffled.  

But, in some odd way, it also brings me great joy. It’s like having a front seat with a fistful of popcorn watching the story of my life and DNA unfold. 

Sometimes joy is a handful of popcorn, a mystery unfolding and a moment of joy.  

More tomorrow… 



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