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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 348 :: joy is a clearing a path

16 Dec


This year of JOY has been teaching me so much about adding joy to my life. New friends, new job, new home, new places, and new faces. But it is also teaching me about the art of clearing a path. 

You see, joy lives in each of us. It resides in the fabric of our being. Our job is just to clear a path for JOY to be set free.

So I’m learning it’s not so much about adding things to create joy, or buying things or eating things or creating things. It’s actually about removing the things that don’t allow joy to bubble up. 

Removing pain clears a path for joy to rise. THIS is the real discovery I have made in these twelve months of joy. Joy is all about clearing a path, letting go of pain and setting yourself free. 

Here’s to being clear. 

More tomorrow… 


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