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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 12 internal navigation

12 Jan


In my life, it seems, I am always filling my thyroid prescription. It is an every 30 day sort of activity. The hardest part of this process is that the medicine is rarely fully in stock, which means I have to schlep to the pharmacy mutliple times a month.

Today was one of those days. After calling multiple pharmacies, I finally found my medication. It was a new Walgreens I have never been to before but they had a partial of my prescription, so I took it.

On my way home I punched “home” into our car navigation and followed the directions for each turn. Ironically it was always the opposite direction of what my gut was pushing me to do.

Turn left, my gut said.
Turn right, the car navigation chimed in.
Go straight my gut said.
Turn left the car churped.

Finally, I stopped listening and followed my internal navigation all the way home. When I finally stopped in our driveway I flipped through the maps preprogrammed feature and found that the car still has the state of Washington GPS as the “home” button. Which explains all the wrong turn signals. The car was trying to pull me to the highway with every turn, even though I knew that wasn’t the right way.

It’s a small reminder to me, to trust your gut instincts and internal navigation. Even when all the signs point the other way.

And, of course, to update your map settings. 



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