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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 21 :: trust is enigma

21 Jan


Oh, trust, I’m still getting used to you being my partner this year. As I learn to dance with you I am realizing how much I have been dancing with my other promises. Each one becomes a part of me.

Case in point, last night I did yoga during the entire Patriots game. Mostly because I was so stressed out watching the game and also because ever since I did yoga every single day for a year I now turn to the mat to destress.

It’s a part of me. Just like all my other promises, lovemore fearless, bliss, joy, peak performance, abundance, taking care of my head, heart, body and soul…etc.

What we think about we become. What we do we redo. So even though TRUST is still a bit of an enigma to me I’m okay with it. I know in time she will make her mission clear. 

Isn’t that what the best enigmas do?



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