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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 50 trust is cooking on faith

20 Feb


I’m a much better home chef these days. And, tonight, I surprised myself. We are trying yet another meal plan (Purple Carrot!) and the recipe tonight called for an avocado. Which is provided. But it was green. Like… really green.

I didn’t have another avocado to choose from, or in our pantry, nor did I want to go to the store (that’s the whole point of the meal-in-a-box!). So I winged it. I ran on faith. I used that ripe avocado anyway.

Maybe this isn’t all that bold or audacious for you – but for me? Yes. This is groundbreaking. I feel most in my comfort zone when following the recipe. I don’t veer off the page usually. and when I do it is a disaster waiting to happen or blow up in the oven.

The good news is the recipe still tasted GREAT! I was impressed and amazed and a little purple with pride.

Maybe all my cooking needs is a little more trust… and avocados.
Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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