JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 79 :: trust the adventure

21 Mar


I find myself in Chicago tonight, it’s another travel day. Which means an adventure. Today’s adventure started off with my Uber driver canceling my ride to Logan Airport. It’s okay, I just called another UBER and made it to the airport just a little late. I still had time.

Then my bag was pulled in the airport security line for inspection.  I waited behind two other people waiting for their bags to be inspected. The first was a young mother with a bag full of breast milk. As the security guard inspected her bag the breast milk spilled all over the security table which took extra time to clean up. Then the next woman in line had a bag full of hairspray and soda. As I stood in line waiting, not very patiently, for my turn I couldn’t help but chastise these poor bag packers and vacation planners standing in line ahead of me as the time ticked away to take off. 

Finally, it was my turn and the security guard picked up my bag. Then she promptly pulled out not a bottle of milk, or hairspray or soda… but a metal tool called a Leatherman.

I gasped, and said, “Oh, my God we have been looking for that thing for weeks! I have no idea how it got in my computer bag…”

The security said, “Do you want to check it in your luggage and go back through security?” I looked at the long line and contemplated what was worse, missing my flight or telling Justin that the Leatherman he had been searching the house up and down for the last two weeks now permanently lived at Logan Airport.

I chose the latter and made my flight. The irony of all it this is that when I spoke to Justin tonight neither of us could figure out how the Leatherman got into my computer bag but both of us agreed that I was the worst offender out of everyone in line (especially the ones I was judging for their poor packing skills). Turns out I was the true idiot packer in line today. 

But it was an adventure. 
Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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