JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 103 :: trust is a walk in the park

14 Apr


We have created a monster… a whining dog park monster. Brady is so addicted to the dog park I think it may contain doggie dopamine in the air. At least that would explain why he smells his way through the park and it may also explain why he won’t stop whining at us to take him to the park every day.

This dog is addicted. 

He is also smart. He always has been. From the time he was just a month or so old when we thought we were training him to ring a bell on the doorknob to be let outside, he was really bell-training us to leave our seats so he could jump up and eat the food off our plates on the dining room table. 

It has me thinking about how we train ourselves, what makes us happy, what scents we seek out and what familiar paths we follow. Just like the dog park, it’s all about trust.

Trust may just be a walk in the dog park. Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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