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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 152 :: trust the twists

1 Jun


It’s amazing how life constantly surprises me, throwing in a twist and a turn here and there. Like today, for instance. I was talking to someone who introduced me to someone else. We chatted back and forth and made small talk.

Then, right as we were about to end the conversation she told me her grandfather gave his life to science and was basically a testing ground for treatments of Hodgkin’s Disease. I was dumbfounded.

In some odd cosmic twist of fate, we were linked. 

It was also not lost on me that we were supposed to meet. I, most likely, would probably not be here if it was not for her grandfather and what he gave to the world. It changed mine. 

She never met her grandfather. And yet, we have a common acquaintance that has connected us, and me, back to her grandfather. What an ironic twist and turn in this thing called life. 

More tomorrow.
Trust me!


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