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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 156 :: trust the road you’re on

5 Jun


I got lost tonight. I was on my way to an event that should have been easy to find. Except it wasn’t. My GPS kept sending me to roads that were gated off and then rerouting my car to another road that was gated off.

I finally gave up, frustrated, hungry and annoyed.

Here’s the funny thing about giving up. Sometimes it leads you to a better place. For me, that was a nice quiet dinner at a restaurant. A surprise moment by myself for myself, instead of a professional event for others. Maybe those gates were a sign for me to try a new path, or a new plate. 

So tonight, trust is telling me to take a bite into the juiciest expression of life. Even if it is a surprise date night with myself after getting lost on the road to find somewhere new.

Trust me!

More tomorrow.


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