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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 163 :: oh, sports

12 Jun


It’s another sports night over here in Boston. This time it is on the ice and the treadmill. It was an OrangeTheory night for us and it’s a Game 7 night for Boston and St. Louis at The Garden.

While the local hockey players were gearing up for a historic game, I was sweating it out at a push pace trying to make it uphill on the treadmill. And now, it seems, the Bruins are in an uphill battle too – the home team is currently behind 0-2. Not for lack of trying and having way more shots on goal than the team that is ahead.

It all has me thinking about showing up and not giving up. You have to trust the path you are on and not give up, even when it seems that you are in an uphill climb. 

We’ll see how this game ends up. In the meantime, trust you can walk the path and stay in the game. 

More tomorrow.


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