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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 225 :: choosing

13 Aug


It’s only Tuesday and it already feels like Friday! Maybe that is a good thing? Maybe it is a choice. I have been thinking much about choices lately, the ones we choose and the ones we let others choose for us — namely when it comes to attitude.

Attitude, it seems is the only thing that we have control over, and choice. To choose our attitude no matter the circumstances.

One time, a while ago, I did a No Complaint Challenge. The gig was to count the number of days in a row that you could rack up not complaining. It was, well, challenging. There are so many ways to complain, and so many little under the breath or to the side gripes that count in the complaint department. But complaining is not a reaction, it is, rather a choice.

There are so many reasons to have a good attitude, we just have to choose one. 

It’s amazing how the world changes when we make different choices. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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