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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 244 :: summer endings

1 Sep


As the sun sets on summer, or what we typically think of as summer, I am feeling the ending of it. Or, in other words, winter is coming. Endings always lead to beginnings. At least we have Fall to buffer the distance between ice cream and snow.

The seasons are changing and if there is anything I have learned in this almost decade of blogging, it is this: with the seasons come knowledge. In fact, wisdom. It is the fall, the harvest, the reaping of what we have sowed that I usually figure out what the year was all about in the first place. My teacher taught me this years ago — fall is the harvest, it is the time when we begin to unlock the bounty before us. So in this year of Trust, I am feeling the seasons turn. 

Summer isn’t over yet, but fall is on its way, and I TRUST that there will be more to learn.   

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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