JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 283 :: trust the calm

12 Oct


Tomorrow we start a cleanse, a 40-day cleanse. However, after today it will probably be a 35 day cleanse. Not because we will quit early or not make it all the way through the many, many shakes and plant-based foods. No, the reason has more to do with the bath I took today.

While I was in the bathrub I heard a noise downstairs. The more I listened the more I thought Brady was wrestling a plastic bag, which I assumed he got out of the recycling bin. He has taught himself how to open the recycling bin and dig out the contents. So imagine my surprise as I walked downstairs in my bath towel looking for a plastic bag and instead found an entire bag of green power shake opened up and dumped on top of the couch. It is obviously plant-based because it was bright green. And there was Brady licking his paws.

The more I looked the more I saw little bits of green shake mix all over the floor, the blankets, the rug and the beige couch. In every place where he had licked he rubbed the green mix even deeper into the fibers of the couch.

I panicked as I debated how to clean it out. Adding more water could stain everything. Adding a cleaner could bleach everything. So I did a little of both. I am happy to report that a handheld Dyson was able to vacuum up most of it. The rest seems to have disappeared with a little water, cleaner and elbow grease. 

Brady disappeared too, right down to his kennel where he knows to go when he is in trouble. He’s one smart dog. He also, apparently, liked the power shake mix which maybe is a good sign for the next 35 days.

Maybe it’s a lesson in staying calm. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that we can trust Brady to sniff out any kind of food. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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