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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 memories – 33 days to go

28 Nov


There are 33 days left of The Promise 365!

Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a time of memories, old and new. The food, the family, the many, many, many gatherings over all the years. This is the ninth and final Thanksgiving for Over the years if there is one thing that rings true, it is this: I still cannot perfect my mother’s rolls. 

Once again, another Thanksgiving has passed and my attempt at her rolls is still subpar. Justin even made me use all the same brands of ingredients that she used. I followed the recipe exactly. And, somehow… they are just not the same.

It makes me think that Mama Sling put something special and possibly a secret ingredient into her roll dough. Quite possibly it was just love. The secret ingredient for me is just pure memories. Maybe I will never perfect that recipe but the memory of my mom will always be with me, each Thanksgiving and every day in between.   

Here’s to the memories! 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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