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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 sundays – 23 days to go

8 Dec


There are 23 days left of The Promise 365! But there are only three Sundays left in the year and this blog. So today I ruminate on Sundays.

First of all, there are the let down Sundays like today, where the Patriots lost the afternoon game. (There have been many winning Sundays along the way too!). Then there are the inspiring ones like the times I have visited churches on islands and cathedrals in Paris. There are also the long-awaited ones where I hang on to the weekend with a tight grip and a good book before the workweek begins again.

But most of all there are the Sundays that represent new beginnings. They symbolize new days ahead with new ideas, new adventures, and new experiences. These are the rest of the Sundays in December of this promise and this blog. Because, while The Promise 365 is ending that means the future is beginning. 

And there is no greater adventure than the future.
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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