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11 Dec

power – 20 days to go

There are 20 days left of The Promise 365! 

Sometimes the most simple things are the most powerful. I have learned many lessons over the past nine years, including love, fearlessness, abundance, peak performance, bliss, joy, and kindness. All of them have one thing in common, trust. 

It’s funny to be on this side of making promises. Now, that I know this is my last one (who would have thought trust would be the grand finale?) I am in awe of how they all connect together through the power of trust. 

It takes trust to love. It takes trust to be kind. It takes trust to go after peak performance and to follow your bliss, tap into joy, and live in abundance.

It is the simple power of trusting yourself. And that is simply powerful. 

So here’s to trusting yourself in all that you do.
You got this 
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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