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16 Dec

finding the funny – 15 days to go

There are 15 days left of The Promise 365!

Tonight, we laughed. I love to laugh even though at times I forget to laugh. When I am overwhelmed and overthinking and under stress and super focused, well, those are the times I forget to laugh even if I am smiling. 

Fortunately, I married a man that brings me laughter. I call him the Captain of Fun. He brings the funny and he always reminds me to lighten up. Justin has been my captain in many ways but over the last nine years, he has been the King of Laughter. He makes me watch funny things, he sends me stupid links to stupid jokes that make me laugh out loud. He makes funny faces. He makes me cringe until I cry with laughter.

He is on a mission to make me laugh (and find a brand of beer that I will actually drink – of which he has yet to be successful – however that’s another story for another day)… but back to the laughter. When my mood goes beyond the happy zone and into the hangry, sad, upset, frustrated, stressed to the max zone it wakes Justin up and puts him into pure mission mode: make Jamie laugh. And somehow he does. Every. Time. He is good at this job, one that he doesn’t take lightly. 

And I am grateful. 

Laughter is a gift and lightness is a joy. It’s even better when it’s exponentially shared. 
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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