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Jamie’s Blog – Year 9:: what you need – 14 days to go

17 Dec

There are 14 days left of The Promise 365!

“You already have what you need.” My dear teacher and mentor and medicine woman taught me this many years ago. It was in the middle of surgeries and doctors appointments and all the anxiety that comes with that sort of thing. She was always so wise and so ahead of me in the lessons of life. She also told me that was why she could be my teacher, she would always be a step ahead of me. Until she wasn’t. 

Today, I took the day off and mostly addressed Christmas cards. It was a rainy, sleety, snowy sort of day and the perfect hot cocoa Christmas card backdrop. I love paper and cards, and I love addressing them and using my calligraphy markers to make pretty little letters. So while I was looking up addresses and writing out beautiful little letters I was taken aback when I saw her mailing address next on my list. 

This will be the last year of The Promise 365 and it will be the first year I won’t be able to send my teacher a Christmas greeting. She is now gone, and I am now on my own two feet when it comes to life lessons. She is no longer a step ahead of me, rather she is somewhere else in the heavens and the stars. Luckily, she left me with that precious gift. 

“You already have what you need.” I can hear her say to me again as if she were right next to my side. 

Indeed, I do. Mostly because of all the great teachers who have always been one step ahead of me. 
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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