JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 persevere – 10 days to go

21 Dec


There are 10 days left of The Promise 365 and this year. 

If there is one important, prevailing concept I could share, in one word, it would be this: persevere. We are who we are, and we are all here because of perseverance.  Possibly a little luck too, but if there is one word I could hang my hat on and hold myself to I would choose perseverance over luck. 

We all have perseverance. It is what makes us who we are – from the prevailing zygote to the continuous beating heart, to every breath we take. We persevere.

So it is, that I have shared my stories over the years here on this blog. From the Grand Canyon to the Moving Vans to the Surgical Rooms and back again. From the late nights and early mornings, the sunrise and sunsets. From hurricanes and sharks to scars and surprises, I have shared the uncanny ironies, precious moments and warm memories. And I must say, this has taken a pretty good dose of perseverance. 

And I will miss this.

There will be nights where I pick up my computer and forget that I am no longer blogging every single night. But there will also be moments of relief too, when I can put on my pajamas like the rest of the world and just go to bed without scribing a blog.  This is the contrast of the past and the future but the string that ties them together is an act of perseverance.

So let me just say, may you have all the perseverance you need and more to live your great adventures. You got this.

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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