TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Judy

5 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear friend Judy!

Judy and I first met at Dunkin’ Brands (way back when) and now we work together (again!). It’s been a fun path to watch the way our careers have ebbed and flowed and met up again.

Even though we now work together (again) we haven’t had a lot of time to really catch up. One part because of the last year of lockdowns and the other part because of the everyday pace of work and life.

So, today, since this year is all about genuine connections I asked Judy if we could catch up over lunch. It was so fabulous!

We reminisced about past times and past coworkers and shared stories about life. We even reminsinced about the Mayor of Dunkin’ Brands. His name was Frank Griswold but everyone knew him as Frank – or The Mayor. Because he was.

Frank manned the front desk of the office and knew everyone’s names. He would scold me when I worked too late leaving the office after dark and greet me with a big smile in the morning. He was more than the front desk or the greeter or the man who handed out guest badges — he was the embodiment of culture. Frank passed away a few years ago and it sent ripples through the network of people who knew and worked with him.

Reminiscing today with Judy about the people of our past and where they are now, who we have lost touch with, and those we have already lost in this life, reminded me of a very important lesson: sometimes the connections we make last longer than we know or can ever imagine.

Here’s to you Frank – we’re still thinking of you!
And, thank you Judy, for the reconnection.

More tomorrow,

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