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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Pool Strangers

11 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to a stranger at the pool. One who helped me in a very kind and important way — he opened the door to the clubhouse so that I could go to the bathroom.

This is may be one of the most important connections to make in life — when you have to go, you have to go!

Not only did I have to go, I couldn’t find the key FOB to get into the pool’s clubhouse where the restrooms reside. So I was panicking in two ways — to find the key and to make it in time.

This very nice man got out of the hot tub to help me. I don’t know his name, and I’m sure I never will, but I am beyond grateful for his help unlocking the door.

The good news is that I found the key FOB — it was right where it was supposed to be in the holder on the table the whole time (go figure)!

But I also found a bright spot of humanity that still exists. Strangers helping strangers …even if it was for a strange reason. Now, that’s a genuine connection!

More tomorrow,

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