TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Mr. Kohl’s Man

16 Oct

Today’s connection is dedicated to the man at the Kohl’s Amazon return counter.

I had to return Brady’s new dog collar today because while it is brand new, it already broke. After chatting online with the Amazon rep to find the best way to return it we landed on Kohl’s. I was issued an QR code and then on my way.

As I ran around doing errands today I made sure to stop at Kohl’s for the quick drop off. I had my QR code in hand to do the return but what I didn’t expect was the kind service behind the counter.

The employee manning the counter was cheerful and funny, making jokes about how he was awarding me another $5 to keep me in the store to buy more after my return. It felt so good to have a real human interaction, even if it was inside a shopping center, as I was returning a broken object.

It also made me realize how broken we are these days without human interactions and real conversations.

Thank you Mr. Kohl’s Man for the reminder — and the connection!

More tomorrow,

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