TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Patriot Pup

17 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to the Patriot Pup.

As I was cleaning out a closet today I found Pup’s old jersey, the one he used to wear on Patriot’s Football Game Day.

Brady never let us put anything in the form of doggie clothes on him. He jumps and barks and wants it to be taken off of him immediately. Except not today.

Today, for some reason, he let me put both of his paws through the arm holes and fit the Patriot’s jersey over his head. It used to be too big for him but now it fits.

He wore it long enough for me to take a photo, then for a walk, and finally when we returned home I took the jersey off of him. I didn’t want to press my luck. Clearly it had been longer than he ever let me dress him up before.

As soon as I took it off he started pawing at it as if asking me to put it back on him. I found this curious but obliged. Then it occurred to me that the jersey probably still smelled of Pup and maybe Brady just loved to scent. Maybe it reminded him of the days when he used to curl up next to his older brother and lay in the sun together.

I just spent the last hour looking for a photo of Pup in this same jersey. While I found tons of photos of family and festivities from over the years I never found the one of Pup in that same jersey.

Maybe that’s because it’s supposed to remain a memory… or a scent of a memory. Either way, I love reconnecting with the spirit of the Pup who wore the #1 on his chest and the Patriot’s on his back.

Thanks for the memories, Pup, and the connection!

More tomorrow,

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