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TP365/Year10 – Connections: New Sunglasses

19 Oct

Todays post is dedicated to my new pink sunglasses – or, should I say, my new, new pair of pink sunglasses.

As you can see below, from my Amazon account, this is the second time I have purchased these since October.

They arrived in the mail and now I am reunited with my lost specs, and we can officially update the score to:

2 for the Alligators
1 for Jamie

As in I have lost two pairs of sunglasses while walking boardwalks in Florida over the alligator swamps and I have replaced one of those pairs of sunglasses.

Genuine connections are made by making a real moments count but today I’m just happy I can see the world through rose colored SUN glasses (again).

I can’t wait to see who I connect with next while wearing my new specs! Anyone up for some sunny vacation time (sunglasses included)?

More tomorrow,

P.S. thank you Amazon for the speedy service.

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