TP365/Year10 – Connections: BWG Connect

21 Oct

Today’s Post is dedicated to digital, as in a digital conference I attended today called BWG Connect. How perfectly timed for my Year of Connections!

I was a guest speaker on the panel dedicated to “Balancing Emerging Social Marketing Channels” and I was happy to connect on this topic with these other speakers in the space.

In this year of connections I am finding there are so many ways to connect … there are reconnections, there new connections and then there are human connections.

Even though it was a virtual conference, it was a great way to share, learn and exchange ideas, wins, and the brutal fast pace change that we all have to manage these days in the digital marketplace. It certainly reminded me that the best way to grow is to not go at it alone.

Then best part of all this, after the panel, I “reconnected” with an amazing past coworker on text messaging. Pam texted me to say she listened in on the panel presentation. I texted back that I miss her so much. Now we have an appointment to catch up and talk on the phone this weekend for “real”… how amazing is that?

So thanks BWG Connect, for the connecting and the platform for real connection.

More tomorrow,

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