TP365/Year10 – Connections: Big Blue

23 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to Big Blue.

If you knew me back in high school then you probably saw me driving Big Blue around town. She looked much like this photo below:

Big Blue is a 1976 Ford Supercab according to my dad but to me she was my independence.

Big Blue was already “old” when I was in high school but she was always the extra vehicle that I could drive without fighting with my sister over our shared car. I could pack all my friends into the large “supercab” to go to games or the Drive-In. She saw many date nights and ran out of gas a few times too (my fault). But Big Blue was always there for me.

Tonight my dad confirmed that Big Blue is in the shop getting a bit of fix up, a new heat sender. I am actually impressed that Big Blue can still run with the best of them.

Just the memories of Big Blue bring me back to being in high school, gaining the independence to drive, and spending endless summer night with friends. What a connection.

It also reminds me that time can go by but some things will always remain timeless.
Go Big Blue! You will always be a classic.

More tomorrow,

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