TP365/Year10 – Connections: Pam

24 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to Pam.

Pam and I worked together in Chicago and it was so good to Re-Connect with her today. The last time I saw Pam was at her wedding, in the pre-Covid years. Both of our lives have changed and evolved since then but so much has stayed the same.

Including her sharp wit, infectious laugh and beautiful smile.

Pam reported to me back in the day and I have absolutely enjoyed watching her career unfold. I often tell my teammates that they will always have me in their lives for support or mentorship — and I mean it. But today, Pam proved it.

It’s nice to know that while the world has changed around us in so many unfathomable ways that we are still connected to those who have touched our lives forever. Sometimes I wonder if the working world brings people into our lives for the moment in order to impact us for eternity.

Thank you, Pam, for being part of my life. You are and always have been a rockstar!
And, I am always rooting for you.

More tomorrow,

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