TP365/Year10 – Connections: Sara’s Kitchen

25 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to Sara and her kitchen.

I recently met Sara through my friend Amy and we all Facetimed this week.

While we talked, Sara showed me the cake she just baked for their book club. It looked so scrumptious I wanted to reach right through my phone to try it.

I soon learned that Sara isn’t just a baker she is a magician in the kitchen. A kitchen witch, if you will, as she mixes together both love and song into what she bakes.

Whereas I follow a recipe to a “T” Sara told me about how she just knows what ingredients to add to her baked goods. A little more honey for sweetness or cinnamon for spice or whatever the cake (or recipient) needs more of in that moment.

I was so impressed with her ability to bake from the heart that it reminded me of my own Mama Sling. How we used to sing in the kitchen and dance with spatulas in our hands. No wonder her cooking always tasted so good. It was all made with love.

Could there be a more powerful connection?

More tomorrow,

P.S. So nice to meet you Sara, I can’t wait to taste what you’re baking!

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