TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Fall Leaves & Starbucks Drinks

27 Oct

Today’s connection is dedicated to Fall, as in, Fall Storms are officially here.

Yesterday I took this photo of the beautiful fall leaves.

Today they are mostly blown off the trees.

We woke up in the middle of the night without power. No electricity, no heat, no lights, nothing but the dark and stormy skies bellowing out our window. With daylight we were able to finally see the wreckage from the strength of a massive wind storm. Trees and lines downed, debris throughout the streets, construction site cones blown over into our driveway.

The beautiful leaves that were up on the trees just yesterday are now down on the ground, pelted with rain and soaked and strewn across the streets. Welcome to Fall in New England. This was the first official storm of the season and came with hurricane gust winds and a power outage for over 500,000 people. It’s just another reminder to me about the power of Mother Nature and how we are all connected to her, always.

Justin and I huddled under blankets for most of the day to keep warm until I finally had to leave the house and find something warm to drink. I landed at Starbucks (which luckily had power and was open) along with everyone else in the area! The line went all the way out the door and they let us in one at a time.

Each table was full of people in front of their computers trying to get some sort of WiFi for the day. It was the first time I had a vision of what life was like before Covid with a full Starbucks before me.

Even the woman in line in front of me stood chatting nonchalantly with me about the weather. It reminded me of life before the big 2020 and how we used to connect with each other over day-to-day workings while waiting in line.

The best news is that when I arrived home with Venti Tea in hand, the power came back on. More power to you Starbucks!

Now…Let’s see if we can make it through tonight with the power still intact.

More tomorrow,

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