TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Surprise Quilts

29 Oct

Today’s connection is dedicated to Michelle and her amazing quilts.

This gift landed in our mailbox today. It was a surprise.

Actually, it was delivered by the FedEx delivery driver right to our door.

It is a handmade quilt for Justin celebrating his lifelong fanship and following of Pearl Jam in the colors that he loves (can you spot the hidden “PJ”).

If you have ever met Justin you would know he is a diehard, card-carrying Pearl Jam fan with a matching tattoo too. What he loves, he loves with passion and loyalty and that is something I have always loved about him. The brilliant thing about Michelle’s quilt (other than the fact that it was a total surprise and amazing gift from the heart and the hands) is that it perfectly captures this element of Justin.

Her quilting prowess not only encapsulates the very essence of Justin, it also captured both of our hearts. In this year of “Connections” I can’t think of a better way to share a link between miles and years and family and memories.

As Justin said, “Honored is not a strong enough word, thank you very, very much!”

More tomorrow,

P.S. Michelle you have an AMAZING gift!

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