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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Garlic

31 Oct

Today’s post is dedicated to garlic.

Garlic might seem like a funny thing to connect with but this was more of an observation.

Today, while I was at a very busy grocery store (it was the pre-game rush!) the checkout lines wrapped all the way back into the food aisles. I waited forever in the self-checkout line but then a checker lane opened up so I jumped over to that lane.

None of the lines were moving very fast but I finally made it through and with bags in cart started wheeling my way out the store.

Just then a checker ran through the crowd carrying one clove of garlic. She ran until she tracked a woman down with her cart and stopped her to hand the root over. The woman smiled and thanked the checker.

I thought it was a beautiful moment of connection…and kindness.

More tomorrow,

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