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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Sunset on the Water

6 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to a very simple connection, a sunset on the water:

Sometimes the colors in nature astound me. I remember when I was in college and my art professor told us that every color was found in nature. Even neon orange. As you can see, at least by this sunset, he was right.

At the time he was trying to teach us how to incorporate color from nature into our patined canvas.

Sometimes I still look at the sunset blue of the sky and try to identify what color it would be if I were to paint it. Ultramarine Blue? Cerulean? Cobalt? A mix of many colors?

Maybe that’s really what he was trying to teach us – to pay attention. Thanks for the lesson and the connection. It has certainly stayed with me even when I look up at the sky.

More tomorrow,

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