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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Recipes

7 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to pre-holiday prep – or, I could just say, recipes.

We are starting to plan for the upcoming holidays which has me looking at Thanksgiving recipes. Last year at this time, I had already put up all the Christmas decorations and they were twinkling in the dark just in time for Daylight Savings.

This Daylight Savings Day I am focused on Thanksgiving dessert recipes. What a difference a year (and a pandemic) makes.

I wonder if holidays and traditions and the connections we have with them will be the same again or if we will be irrevocably changed, morphed, or at least a bit augmented, from surviving the year called 2020.

I guess that is what the holidays this year will reveal. Are you starting early? Am I already late?

More tomorrow,

P.S. Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

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