TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Lighthouse & Livingston

21 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to a Lighthouse and Livingston.

We ate brunch at Outermost Inn today. It was everything that we remembered, except instead of dinner at sunset we had brunch in the middle of the day. The food was exceptional (as always) and the view was panoramic, to say the least.

As we finished our meal the restaurant broke out in song, belting out “Happy Birthday” to a gentleman sitting in the corner of the restaurant. We joined in singing too. He then stood up to thank everyone and I realized I knew him or at least recognized him. It was Livingston Taylor.

The last time I saw Livingston was on stage with his brother James in a concert at UMASS. I was probably 20-years old and still in college, just learning the significance of the Family Taylor’s music on Massachusetts and the world around me.

Today, it felt more like a family reunion, everyone singing in unison on the tippy-top corner of the island.

We then walked to the Gay Head Lighthouse and saw its new resting place about 129 feet away from its former foundation. You can still see the bricks and the stones where it used to sit overlooking the sea.

Finally, our day rounded out at the new MV Museum where we snapped a photo of the ORGINAL light and lens that sat in the lighthouse.

It was not even electric back then, rather run by a series of cranks and weights and pullies and of course the incredible lens of glass too.

From one end of the island to the other we travelled back in time — Connecting to the history of the island, a lighthouse, and to the college girl inside of me.

Thank you, Livingston and Gay Head Lighthouse, for sharing our day and showing us how to connect with and celebrate a Sunday on the island.

More tomorrow,

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