TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Christmas Decor

26 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to Christmas decor.

As in the day where all the Christmas boxes that have been collecting dust for a year come out of closets and all the EVERYTHING ELSE of regular everyday decor gets placed in a box for a Christmas Holiday.

It is officially holiday decorating time.

All the little wooden elves come out to play, and the stockings too. The mantle is set with holiday care with hopes and dreams of another bright year. There are old ones and new ones and space to collect more, and every ornament finds its place on the tree…that is, if our tree could stand up straight.

It has a leaning problem. One we will have to fix this weekend when we have more time to deconstruct in the daylight what is going on in that trunk of hers.

Until then, I will keep enjoying all unpacking and placing (and replacing all over again) of holiday decor. It’s a #Connection that truly only happens once a year.

Is your holiday unpacked?

More tomorrow,

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