TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Christmas Shopping Friends

3 Dec

Todays post is dedicated to Christmas Shopping Friends.

Today I visited the Capitol of Christmas, the Mecca of St. Nick, or as those of us in New England call it —Christmas Tree Shops.

It was packed with everything you might need for the holidays including shoppers. As I waited in the checkout line that wrapped almost to the back of the store I #Connected with the woman standing in line behind me.

We compared finds and deals and she showed me her haul and described how she was going to augment the little Christmas trees for her outside patio.

I have to say it felt like pre-2020 era holiday shopping – the kind where you talk to strangers while standing in line waiting for something special, with shelves stocked full!

Most of all it felt like a human connection not centered around the aftermath of a pandemic but the preparation for the holiday ahead.

May we all be merry and bright and safe.

More tomorrow,

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