TP365/Year 10:: Connections – New Glasses

12 Dec

Today’s post is dedicated to my new glasses and Sex And The City.

When I picked up my new glasses this week the optician said she just saw “one of the girls” on Sex and the City wearing a pair of glasses that look just like this.

So today while watching the newest installment of SATC and laughing about the “readers” that each cast member had sitting on their noses while ordering from a restaurant menu (the show is really exploring the age side of things and FYI bring tissues if you are going to watch!) I realized — those are the glasses on Sarah Jessica Parker.

So, to be fair, they are not exactly the same. But both do have oversized frames and a gold tone.

Does this count as a #Connection to Carrie Bradshaw?

(But for the record, I’m pretty sure Carrie would never be caught in an oversized Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirt and sweatpants which I am rocking in this photo.)

More tomorrow,

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