TP365/Year 10:: Connections – A Christmas Story

18 Dec

Today’s post is dedicated to A Christmas Story… as in, the musical.

Tonight we braved the rain (and honestly I’m happy it wasn’t snow) to get to The Wang Center in time for A Christmas Story. I was honestly not sure how they would turn this Christmas classic into a musical for the stage but they did!

As we entered the Boch Center – Wang Center building the ticket taker helped the man next to us identify that he was at the wrong theater. After he explained the difference between the Shubert and the Wang and the Opera House, he confirmed we were in the correct place.

Then he said, ‘Oh, you have really good seats!” He seemed more excited for us than we were for us.

Alas, the show lived up to the hype — all the classic lines from “You’ll shoot your eye out” to “Fudge!” were there. While it was a different way to experience the holiday story with song and dance, it was a wonderful way to #Connect to the holiday season and a story that has been passed down and shared with many generations — this time, live and in-person…. including live dogs (and of course masks!).

More tomorrow,

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