The Promise 365 is a year-long commitment to being aware of what goes in and on the one body I’ve got… and I will write about it every day, for 365 days.

The Background:
I had a life-changing experience. In October of 2010, I went to a spa for one week and it totally changed the way I felt about my body, my skin, and living inside myself.

Before I left the spa, I promised myself that I would not purchase anything for one year that did not support one of the following categories: either my Heart, Head, Body or Soul. (click to see video here)

Are you ready for the rules?
As a reminder, the whole point of this is to be aware of what goes in and on my body, for one year.

It is not a shopping diet.
It is certainly not about deprivation.
It is a commitment to self-awareness and investing in what matters most — the one mind and body I’ve got.

The Promise 365:

1) No frivolous shopping for 365 days, starting January 1, 2011.

2) Purchases may occur in the following categories: Heart, Head, Body, Soul. Because these are really investments, in me.

3) When tempted by a potential frivolous purchase, it must be analyzed. What is really going on? What do I really want or need?

4) After analyzing and determining what is emotionally or physically at play, find another way to meet the want or need through a healthy alternative (heart, head, body, soul).

So that’s it. Easy right!? Not quite.
(You can read the past blog posts to find out what happened!)

The Promise 365 returns for Year 8 (eight! that’s right …. read on).

I hope you join me as I make promises and follow my dreams.


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