The Promise 365 is a year long commitment to being aware of what goes in and on the one body I’ve got… and I will write about it every day, for 365 days.

The Background:
I had a life changing experience. In October of 2010, I went to a spa for one week and it totally changed the way I felt about my body, my skin, and living inside myself.

Before I left the spa, I promised myself that I would not purchase anything for one year that did not support one of the following categories: either my Heart, Head, Body or Soul. (click to see video here)

Are you ready for the rules?
As a reminder, the whole point of this is to be aware of what goes in and on my body, for one year.

It is not a shopping diet.
It is certainly not about deprivation.
It is a commitment to self-awareness and investing in what matters most — the one mind and body I’ve got.

The Promise 365:

1) No frivolous shopping for 365 days, starting January 1, 2011.

2) Purchases may occur in the following categories: Heart, Head, Body, Soul. Because these are really investments, in me.

3) When tempted by a potential frivolous purchase, it must be analyzed. What is really going on? What do I really want or need?

4) After analyzing and determining what is emotionally or physically at play, find another way to meet the want or need through a healthy alternative (heart, head, body, soul).

So that’s it. Easy right!? Not quite.
(You can read the past 2011 blog posts to find out what happened!)

2012: The Promise 365 returns for Year 2.

Because, while I will (and have) returned to shopping, I will never shop the same way again — I am forever changed.

This year is all about getting over my fears and finding LOVE in what I’m afraid of…What are you afraid of?

I hope you join me as I learn to be LOVEMORE and FEARLESS!


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