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BLOG – GIFT DAY 228 :: holy zukes! party in portland…

18 Aug
Tomorrow we kick off a week-long Party in Portland! This is surgery week. We plan to leave tomorrow night and head north. Surgery isn’t until Thursday but we have doctors to meet with and surgeons to see for pre-op. Plus, a little night on the beach for Justin and I to veg before the hospital tours begin.

Speaking of vegging out….

I hope I can ask for your help…. we have too many zukes!!  So, today kicks off the Holy Zukes Recipe Contest.

Details below. I hope you play along.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
JamieP.S. The CARD CRUSADE continues! And it is all made possible by Green Ink Gallery. Check out their beautiful fine art cards!

P.P.S. Yesterday’s card is still on my desk waiting for an address… and so is today’s card too! Oy vey.

{what’s your fave recipe?}
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